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The easiest way is to look at the sidewall of the old tire to see what size tire you have previously used. There you will find all the important key figures such as tire size, load capacity or maximum speed and other information.


You will also find the relevant information on the registration certificate part 1 (this used to be the vehicle registration document). Here you can determine whether other tires may be suitable. Your tire dealer can also advise you if, for example, you want to convert wide tires.

This value, also given as the load index, load index or LI value, indicates the maximum load that a tire can carry. You must not exceed this value under any circumstances. This could damage the tire. Example: 91 means a maximum load of up to 615 kg.

The so-called speed index reveals how fast you are allowed to travel. This can be read in a speed index table. An example: behind the size designation and the load index on the sidewall of the tire you will find the speed index V according to the table means a maximum speed of up to 240 km/h.

The most common speed categories are:

Q = 160 km/h
R = 170 km/h
S = 180 km/h
T = 190 km/h
H = 210 km/h
V = 240 km/h
W = 270 km/h
Y = 300 km/h

This information can also be read on the side wall. With the designation DOT (Department of Transportation), the last 4 digits indicate both the week of production and the year of production. For safety reasons, a tire should not be in use for longer than approx. 10 years. Incorrect storage can cause damage beforehand. Please have it checked regularly after 5-6 years.

The tire number shown means: Manufactured in week 48, 2018.. Woche 2018.

This of course depends on your vehicle, what kind of tires are approved for your vehicle. But beyond that, there are other criteria that you should consider. Consider which features are most important to you. Whether you want to summer and winter tyres or all-season tires also come well through all the seasons of the year.

  • Would you like to tire a sporty, high-performance, stand the test of time just in everyday life due to its excellent driving characteristics, but a lot of reserves?
  • Or you can use a vehicle that can only be extended with an Ultra-High-Performance tires to its full potential?
  • Even in all – weather and winter tires, different requirements can be met. You can set maximum performance or more on the environmental aspects?
  • As an SUV/4×4 drivers, you can opt for sportiness and comfort. This makes buying tires easier.
  • In the case of Vans and vans focuses more on comfort and durability. This applies to the family Van as, as for the Transporter in commercial use.

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