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Click here for the product overview of our summer, all-weather, winter and high-performance tires.

All Tires

Click here for the product overview of our summer, all-weather, winter and high-performance tires.


Summer Hp 1

The sport tires for the summer

The Berlin Tires Summer HP 1 is the ideal tyre for sporty Driving on a dry road. Its unique tread design offers excellent traction and steering precision, while the reinforced carcass provides for more stability and driving comfort.




Driving comfort

Wet grip

All features at a glance

This new high-performance design combine Mature-oriented tread pattern with excellent driving characteristics. Designed for drivers who expect more from a tire. More driving pleasure, safety and an excellent price-performance ratio.


  • The extraordinary and innovative tread pattern with small high-density blocks, reduces vibration, and ensures a comfortable and quiet driving experience.
  • A combination of a Central groove, and various notches reduce the treads stiffness and improves ride comfort.
  • With a modern tread technology of rolling resistance is reduced vital
  • Thanks to the innovative tyre profile with a new rubber compound, the tire weight is reduced by about 8%. This means less fuel consumption and environmentally-friendly Driving.
  • Currently in 18 dimensions from 13 to 18 inches available


Size DesignationLoad-capacity indexSpeed category symbolFuel efficiency classWet grip classExternal rolling noise class and level
40er Serie
225/40 ZR1892 XLWEC72
45er Serie
225/45 ZR1794 XLWEC72
55er Serie
205/55 R1694 XLVEC72
60er Serie
215/60 R1695HEC71
195/60 R1588HEC71
185/60 R1482TEC70
65er Serie
205/65 R1594HEC71
195/65 R1591VEC71
185/65 R1488HEC70
185/65 R1486TEC70
175/65 R1482TEC70
165/65 R1377TEC70
70er Serie
205/70 R1498 XLTEC72
195/70 R1491TEC71
185/70 R1488TEC70
185/70 R1386TEC70
175/70 R1382TEC70
165/70 R1379TEC70

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Our free 365-day guarantee damage to the tyre covers, such as vandalism, theft, and such caused by sharp objects. With the guarantee you are 365 days safe on the road.

We are always there for you

Technical Support

Our technical Support team, you can record at any time by phone or E-Mail contact. We ensure that your request is processed in the shortest possible time.

We are always there for you

Maintenance instructions

To obtain any of our tire you are a guide for the correct maintenance. We are happy to assist with any enquiries.

We are always there for you

Which tire is the right one for me?

This of course depends on your vehicle, what kind of tires are approved for your vehicle. But beyond that, there are other criteria that you should consider. You can find further information here.

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