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Summer Hp Eco

The Environmentally Friendly Summer Tire

The Berlin Tires Summer HP Eco is the perfect tire for environmentally conscious drivers. Its special rubber compound and innovative tread design ensure high fuel efficiency and reduced road noise. At the same time, it provides excellent traction and driving stability in all weather conditions.



Driving comfort

Wet grip

All features at a glance:

This tire meets all requirements for the best possible fuel efficiency and modern environmentally friendly production methods. A summer tire for those who care about the environment and are looking for potential savings while driving. 

  • The sharp edges of the tire tread cut through the water and regulate air circulation. This results in improved wet grip and reduced road noise.
  • The optimized carcass additionally ensures reduced noise development.
  • The special silica rubber compound increases grip on the roads and has excellent aquaplaning properties.
  • The rolling resistance is reduced by approximately 8% compared to standard tires, resulting in high fuel efficiency.
  • For small and medium-sized vehicles.


Size Designation Load-capacity index Speed category symbol Fuel efficiency class Wet grip class External rolling noise class and level
50er Serie
195/50 R15 86 XL H E C 72
55er Serie
195/55 R15 85 V E C 70
185/55 R15 82 H E C 70
60er Serie
205/60 R16 92 H C C 71
185/60 R15 84 H E C 70
65er Serie
175/65 R15 88 XL H E C 70
165/65 R14 79 T E C 70
70er Serie
175/70 R14 84 T E C 70
165/70 R14 81 T E C 70

Optimal noise insulation

The sharp edges of the tire profile cut through the water and regulate air circulation. This leads to more wet grip and a reduction in running noise.

Hohe Kraftstoffeffizienz​

Hohe Kraftstoffeffizienz
Der Rollwiderstand der Summer HP Eco Sommerreifen ist gegenüber Standard-Reifen um ca. 8% reduziert.

High fuel efficiency

The rolling resistance of the Summer HP Eco summer tires is reduced by around 8% compared to standard tires.

Environmentally friendly production methods

The production of the tires is subject to the requirements of sustainability and innovative tire technology.

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